Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello There!

First off welcome to our blog. We are Sugar With Spikes...and everything nice. We are Irene and Jessica, Philly girls just trying to share creativity. We're not super rich or blog famous, we're humble and believe true fashion doesn't mean Chanel and Laboutin everything. With this blog we wish to share our fashion findings, inspiration, personal style, outings and creative ideas behind our lives. We are inspired daily by the people, things and stories in our lives and hope to capture them through our clothing, pictures and text.

What we ARE:

  • A blog about fashion, style, inspiration and photography.
What we are NOT:

  • Fashion snobs. True fashionistas know how to look good using everything available and within means.

We hope you enjoy our blog. Any feedback is much appreciated. 


Irene and Jess

muchos besos!

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