Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wish it was spring

I hate snow! For all the beauty, it is not worth the trouble it brings. As a child I loved snow and how it coated the ground and brought of my youth days off of school but now it is only a pain. Snow has forced me to become a hermit trapped in my house, afraid to do a shoot in this frigid weather.  But Looking through my files I found a Spring-shoot I never posted so enjoy this sweet memory of spring!

Even tho is still snowing excited because its coming! My allergies are acting up, this bipolar weather is going crazy with the cold then nice days. Spring is around the corner for me I can't wait.

The another day....

TODAY!!! crazy smh

Saturday, January 26, 2013


So here's my confession's to all you Beautiful Fashionable People...
I'm an super geeky gal if you didn't knew already, Now you know. :-) Big time lover of video games, anime, and Super nerdy fantasy, sci fi and horror movies etc. I feel like I'm not being fully true to myself on here therefore I feel hesitate to post. Clothes are not just cute stuff you just put on its also an extension of you personality. So I need to represent for the all the Geeky & Nerdy Fashion lovers out there since there not many of us!
Also I'm not a big fan of make-up, maybe one day I'll wake and feel like buying lots of Mac product to do up my eyes. But now I can only do myself and the occasionally lipstick and eyeliner. All natural BABY!

Your Batman lover, 
Irene :-P